EECS 280: Programming and Intro Data Structures

Fall 2020

Computer science fundamentals, with programming in C++. Build an image processing program, a game of Euchre, a web backend, and a machine learning algorithm.

Welcome to EECS 280, Fall 2020! The passcode for all future Zoom meetings is "eecs280"


Jonathan Beaumont

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 4-5:30PM

Group OH (Zoom Link)

MW 5:30PM-6:00PM

1-on-1 OH (Zoom Link)


Nicole Hamilton

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 1:30-3PM

MW 4:30-6PM

Office hours (Zoom Link)



Christina Keefer

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 5-6:30PM

Office hours (Zoom Link)

TTh 5-6PM

Sofia Saleem



Office hours (Zoom Link)

MW 9:30-10:30AM

MW 12-1PM


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Schedule of Topics

Day # Lecture Topic Lab Topic Deadline
Mon 31 Aug 1 Introduction and Machine Model No lab
Wed 2 Sep 2 Procedural Abstraction, Testing and Debugging
Mon 7 Sep No class - Labor Day Getting Started
Wed 9 Sep 3 Pointers
Mon 14 Sep 4 Arrays Pointers and Arrays Project 1 due Mon 14 Sep 8pm
Wed 16 Sep 5 Strings, Streams, and IO
Mon 21 Sep 6 Compound Objects Strings and I/O
Wed 23 Sep 7 Abstract Data Types in C
Mon 28 Sep 8 Abstract Data Types in C++ Abstract Data Types Project 2 due Tue 29 Sep 8pm
Wen 30 Sep 9 Derived Classes and Inheritance
Mon 5 Oct 10 Polymorphism Polymorphism
Wed 7 Oct 11 Container ADTs I
Mon 12 Oct 12 Container ADTs II Container ADTs Project 3 due Fri 16 Oct 8pm
Wed 14 Oct 13 Memory Models and Dynamic Memory
Mon 19 Oct 14 Managing Dynamic Memory Dynamic Memory
Wed 21 Oct 15 Midterm Review
Mon 26 Oct No class - Midterm Exam No lab Midterm exam Mon 26 Oct 7:00pm
Wed 28 Oct 16 Deep Copies and The Big Three
Mon 2 Nov 17 Linked Lists Dynamic Memory
Wed 4 Nov 18 Iterators
Mon 9 Nov 19 Function Objects and Impostor Syndrome Deep Copies & The Big Three Project 4 due Wed 11 Nov 8pm
Wed 11 Nov 20 Recursion
Mon 16 Nov 21 Structural Recursion Recursion
Wed 18 Nov 22 Problem Solving with Recursion
Mon 23 Nov No class - Thanksgiving No lab
Wed 25 Nov
Mon 30 Nov 23 Exceptions Functors & Function Pointers Project 5 due Fri 4 Dec 8pm
Wed 2 Dec 24 Containers of Pointers
Mon 7 Dec 25 Final Review Final Exam Review
Thu 10 Dec Final Exam Final exam Thu 10 Dec 10:30am