EECS 280: Programming and Intro Data Structures

The University of Michigan
Fall 2021
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Computer science fundamentals, with programming in C++. Build an image processing program, a game of Euchre, a web backend, and a machine learning algorithm.   Syllabus

Week 8
We hope that week 8 goes great with no crazy eights.

  • No Lecture, Labs, Office Hours, or Prof Office Hours Mon/Tue, Oct 18-19th (Fall Break).
  • Labs begin again with lab 6 starting Wednesday, Oct 20th.
  • Weekend Group Office Hours every Sunday 10am-12pm in 1800 CHEM!
  • Looking to form a study group for the midterm? Fill out this survey and we'll help you find a group. Please complete the form by 8:00 pm this Friday if you're interested.
Project 3: Euchre
Office Hours
  • Office Hours will be busy Wed-Fri. We know long queues are :'‑(. We're working on it...
  • We'll hold a separate "rapid-fire" queue (2 min limit) for quick questions and to get a push in the right direction for debugging.
  • We've reallocated staff scheduled this Mon/Tue (canceled for Fall Break) to Wed-Fri.
  • The course professors will be pitching in with regular office hours where we can.
  • The CSE department has granted us additional funding to hire more IAs. We're working to bring them on-board ASAP, but we don't expect the full effect until later projects.
Midterm Exam
  • The midterm exam is Wednesday, October 27 at 7-9pm.
  • See the Midterm Exam Piazza Post @1624 for all exam information and practice materials.
  • You have 3 options for taking the exam:
    1. On a personal laptop, remotely from a location of your choice.
    2. On a personal laptop, in a North Campus classroom with power outlets at each seat.
    3. On a CAEN lab computer, in a North Campus computer lab. (This option is only available to students who do not have access to an adequate personal laptop.)
  • To reserve a spot for options 2 or 3 above, complete this Form by Friday 10/15.

This Week   Times listed in Ann Arbor local time (ET)

Jonathan Beaumont head shot
Jon Beaumont
M & W 1:30-3pm
Stamps Auditorium

M & W 4-5:30pm
1210 CHEM
Office Hours
M & W 12-1pm
3828 BBB (in-person)
Remote OH
Tu & Th 2-3pm
James Juett head shot
James Juett
M & W 9-10:30am
Stamps Auditorium

M & W 12-1:30pm
1571 GGBL
Async Lectures
Office Hours
M & W 2:30-3:30pm
2641 BBB (in-person)
Remote OH
Tu & Th 1:30-2:30pm
Somayeh Molaei head shot
Somayeh Molaei
Tu & Th 6-7:30pm
1571 GGBL
Office Hours
Tu & Th 4:55-5:55pm
2725 BBB (in-person)
Sofia Saleem head shot
Sofia Saleem
M & W 4:30-6pm
1013 DOW

Async Lectures
Remote OH
Tu & Th 9:00-10:00am
P3 Due Fri, Oct 22 at 8pm

Project 3: Euchre
Due Friday, Oct 22 at 8pm

Lab 6 due Wed Oct 27 at 8pm

Lab 6 Container ADTs
Due Wednesday, Oct 27 at 8pm

Solution (posted after labs)

Live Events & Resources

Weekend Group Office Hours
Every Sunday 10am-12pm in 1800 CHEM
In-person, group-style office hours with project FAQ

P3 Walkthrough
Monday, October 11th 7-8pm

IDE Workflow Videos

(Xcode and Visual Studio NOW available!)
Get Help & Connect
Virtual Office Hours   Sign Up
Project help and debugging
Mon-Fri, 2pm-7pm ET
Course Forums
Ask/Answer Questions
Informal Discussion
Coaching   Request a Coach
Connect 1-on-1 with an IA or GSI to plan for your 280 experience.
Peer Mentoring
Information coming soon!

Administrative Request Forms

Submit this form confirm a request for extended time or other exam accommodations (submit this form in addition to working through SSD's Accommodate system)

Report an exam conflict and request an alternate date/time

Report an exam conflict and request an alternate date/time

Report a medical or personal emergency and request an extension or exception.

Students adding the course late may petition for additional time to turn in assignments.

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Day Day Lecture Topic Lab Topic Deadline
Week 1Mon Aug 30 Tue Aug 31 Introduction and Machine Model No Lab
Wed Sep 1 Thu Sep 2 Procedural Abstraction, Testing and Debugging
Fri Sep 3
Week 2Mon Sep 6 Tue Sep 7 No Lecture Labor Day
Wed Sep 8 Thu Sep 9 Pointers Intro to Lab, Memory Model
Fri Sep 10
Week 3Mon Sep 13 Tue Sep 14 Pointers and Arrays Debugging Session
Wed Sep 15 Thu Sep 16 Strings, Streams, and IO Pointers and Arrays
Fri Sep 17 Proj 1 Due Fri Sep 17 at 8pm
Week 4Mon Sep 20 Tue Sep 21 Compound Objects Mon Sep 20 Add/Drop Deadline
Wed Sep 22 Thu Sep 23 Abstract Data Types in C Strings and IO Entry Survey Due Wed Sep 22 at 8pm
Fri Sep 24
Week 5Mon Sep 27 Tue Sep 28 Abstract Data Types in C++
Wed Sep 29 Thu Sep 30 Derived Classes and Inheritance Abstract Data Types
Fri Oct 1 Proj 2 Due Fri Oct 1 at 8pm
Week 6Mon Oct 4 Tue Oct 5 Polymorphism Computing CARES:
How to become an EECS IA Panel
Wed Oct 6 Thu Oct 7 Container ADTs I Polymorphism "Git Smart" with Profs. Juett and Beaumont
Fri Oct 8 Project 3 Euchre Social
Week 7Mon Oct 11 Tue Oct 12 Container ADTs II P3 Walkthrough
Wed Oct 13 Thu Oct 14 Memory Models and Dynamic Memory No Lab
Fri Oct 15
Week 8Mon Oct 18 Tue Oct 19 No Lecture Fall Break
Wed Oct 20 Thu Oct 21 Managing Dynamic Memory Container ADTs
Fri Oct 22 Proj 3 Due Fri Oct 22 at 8pm
Week 9Mon Oct 25 Tue Oct 26 Linked Lists
Wed Oct 27 Thu Oct 28 No Lecture No Lab Midterm Exam Wed Oct 27 at 7pm-9pm
Alternate Exam Thu Oct 28 at 7pm-9pm
Fri Oct 29
Week 10Mon Nov 1 Tue Nov 2 Deep Copies and The Big Three
Wed Nov 3 Thu Nov 4 Iterators Dynamic Memory and Deep Copies
Fri Nov 5
Week 11Mon Nov 8 Tue Nov 9 Function Objects and Impostor Syndrome
Wed Nov 10 Thu Nov 11 Recursion and Tail Recursion Iterators and Functors
Fri Nov 12 Proj 4 Due Fri Nov 12 at 8pm
Week 12Mon Nov 15 Tue Nov 16 Structural Recursion
Wed Nov 17 Thu Nov 18 Problem Solving with Recursion Recursion
Fri Nov 19
Week 13Mon Nov 22 Tue Nov 23 No Lecture
Wed Nov 24 Thu Nov 25 No Lecture No Lab Thanksgiving Break
Fri Nov 26
Week 14Mon Nov 29 Tue Nov 30 Exceptions
Wed Dec 1 Thu Dec 2 TBD Final Exam Review and Reflection
Fri Dec 3
Week 15Mon Dec 6 Tue Dec 7 Containers of Pointers and What's Next
Wed Dec 8 Thu Dec 9 No Lecture
Fri Dec 10 Proj 5 Due Fri Dec 10 at 8pm
Mon Dec 13 Exit Survey Due Mon Dec 13 at 8pm
Tue Dec 14 Final Exam Tues Dec 14 at 10:30am-12:30pm
Alternate Exam Tues Dec 14 at 1:30pm-3:30pm


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