EECS 280: Programming and Intro Data Structures

Fall 2020 Looking for Winter 2021?

Computer science fundamentals, with programming in C++. Build an image processing program, a game of Euchre, a web backend, and a machine learning algorithm.


Jonathan Beaumont

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 4-5:30PM

Group OH (Zoom Link)

MW 5:30PM-6:00PM

1-on-1 OH (Zoom Link)


Nicole Hamilton

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 1:30-3PM

MW 4:30-6PM

Office hours (Zoom Link)



Christina Keefer

Lectures (Zoom Link)

MW 5-6:30PM

Office hours (Zoom Link)

TTh 5-6PM

Sofia Saleem



Office hours (Zoom Link)

MW 9:30-10:30AM

MW 12-1PM


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Schedule of Topics

Day # Lecture Topic Lab Topic Deadline
Mon 31 Aug 1 Introduction and Machine Model No lab
Wed 2 Sep 2 Procedural Abstraction, Testing and Debugging
Mon 7 Sep No class - Labor Day Getting Started
Wed 9 Sep 3 Pointers
Mon 14 Sep 4 Arrays Pointers and Arrays Project 1 due Mon 14 Sep 8pm
Wed 16 Sep 5 Strings, Streams, and IO
Mon 21 Sep 6 Compound Objects Strings and I/O
Wed 23 Sep 7 Abstract Data Types in C
Mon 28 Sep 8 Abstract Data Types in C++ Abstract Data Types Project 2 due Tue 29 Sep 8pm
Wen 30 Sep 9 Derived Classes and Inheritance
Mon 5 Oct 10 Polymorphism Polymorphism
Wed 7 Oct 11 Container ADTs I
Mon 12 Oct 12 Container ADTs II Container ADTs
Wed 14 Oct 13 Memory Models and Dynamic Memory
Mon 19 Oct 14 Managing Dynamic Memory Dynamic Memory Project 3 due Mon 19 Oct 8pm
Wed 21 Oct 15 Midterm Review
Mon 26 Oct No class - Midterm Exam No lab Midterm exam Mon 26 Oct 7:00pm
Wed 28 Oct 16 Deep Copies and The Big Three
Mon 2 Nov 17 Linked Lists Deep Copies & The Big Three
Wed 4 Nov 18 Iterators
Mon 9 Nov 19 Function Objects and Impostor Syndrome Recursion
Wed 11 Nov 20 Recursion
Mon 16 Nov 21 Structural Recursion Functors & Function Pointers Project 4 due Mon 16 Nov 8pm
Wed 18 Nov 22 Problem Solving with Recursion
Mon 23 Nov No class - Thanksgiving No lab
Wed 25 Nov
Mon 30 Nov 23 Exceptions Project 5 Help Project 5 due Fri 4 Dec 8pm
Wed 2 Dec 24 Containers of Pointers
Mon 7 Dec 25 Final Review Final Exam Review
Thu 10 Dec Final Exam Final exam Thu 10 Dec 10:30am