EECS 280: Programming and Intro Data Structures

Winter 2021 Looking for Fall 2020?

Computer science fundamentals, with programming in C++. Build an image processing program, a game of Euchre, a web backend, and a machine learning algorithm.


Welcome to EECS 280, Winter 2021!

We'll be 100% remote this semester. Details.

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  • If you have questions about placing into the course or the diagnostic project, please contact CSE undergraduate advising ( The EECS 280 instructors are not involved with this process.




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All times are listed as Ann Arbor local time (ET)

Day # Lecture Lab Deadline (ET)
Wed 20 Jan 1 Introduction and Machine Model No lab
Mon 25 Jan 2 Procedural Abstraction, Testing, and Debugging Introduction to Lab, Memory Model
Wed 27 Jan 3 Pointers
Mon 1 Feb 4 Arrays Pointers and Arrays Project 1, 8pm
Tue 2 Feb
Wed 3 Feb 5 Strings, Streams, and IO
Mon 8 Feb 6 Compound Objects Strings and I/O, Structs
Wed 10 Feb 7 Abstract Data Types in C
Mon 15 Feb 8 Abstract Data Types in C++ ADTs Project 2, 8pm
Tue 16 Feb
Wed 17 Feb 9 Derived Classes and Inheritance
Mon 22 Feb 10 Polymorphism Polymorphism
Wed 24 Feb No class (well-being day)
Mon 1 Mar 11 Container ADTs I Container ADTs
Wed 3 Mar 12 Container ADTs II
Mon 8 Mar 13 Memory Models and Dynamic Memory Dynamic Memory, Midterm Review Project 3, 8pm
Tue 9 Mar
Wed 10 Mar 14 Managing Dynamic Memory
Mon 15 Mar No class No lab Midterm, 7pm
Tue 16 Mar
Alternate, 8am
Wed 17 Mar
Wed 17 Mar No class
Mon 22 Mar 15 Deep Copies and The Big Three No lab
Wed 24 Mar No class (well-being day)
Mon 29 Mar 16 Linked Lists Deep Copies, Linked Lists
Wed 31 Mar 17 Iterators
Mon 5 Apr 18 Recursion Recursion Project 4, 8pm
Tue 6 Apr
Wed 7 Apr 19 Structural Recursion
Mon 12 Apr 20 Problem Solving with Recursion Trees, Maps
Wed 14 Apr 21 Function Objects and Imposter Syndrome
Mon 19 Apr 22 Exceptions Functors, Final Exam Review Project 5, 8pm
Tue 20 Apr
Wed 21 Apr No class (study day)
Mon 26 Apr Final Exam Final, 7pm
Mon 26 Apr
Tue 27 Apr Alternate Final Exam (details) Alternate, 8am
Tue 27 Apr


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