EECS 280 Lab 10: Functors

Lab Due Sunday, December 6, 2020, 8:00 pm

In this lab, we will practice defining and using functors, which are similar to function pointers, but much more powerful. They behave just like any other object in your program and maintain a state, but they can act like a function because we overload the function call operator. Finally, we’ve prepared an Exam Prep that reviews similar topics.

You may work alone or with a partner. Please see the syllabus for partnership rules.

Submit the code files below on the autograder. We encourage you to complete the lab Exam Prep, but it is not turned in for credit.

Files to submit

Completion Criteria/Checklist:

To pass this lab, you must finish tasks 1 and 2. Task 1 focuses on comparators while task 2 focuses on predicates, both of which are functors.

Lab Exercises

The Files

We have provided starter files for this lab. Use the following commands in a terminal at your working directory to download the files.

$ wget
$ tar -xvzf starter-files.tar.gz

Here’s a summary of this lab’s files. You will turn in the bolded ones.

File Description
lab10.h Contains the Person class and some simple functors and functions for convenience.
lab10.cpp Contains functor and function definitions.
main.cpp Contains the main function that runs testing code.

Testing Code

The main function in main.cpp contains some testing code we’ve written for you, which will print the results produced by your code.

The starter code should compile successfully without any modifications, so make sure you are able to compile and run it with the following commands. The code may be missing some pieces, contain some bugs, or crash when you run it, but you’ll fix each throughout the course of the lab.

$ g++ -Wall -Werror -g -pedantic --std=c++11 lab10.cpp main.cpp -o lab10.exe
$ ./lab10.exe


The Person class

Throughout this lab we will be working with a Person class. Make sure to check lab10.h to get familiar with its public interface.

Task 1 - From Functions to Functors

Your first task will be working with comparators, functors that compare two objects.

You must finish the two functors CompareName and CompareAge, which let us compare two Persons’ names and ages respectively.

Take a look at the find_max function. Here you can see a comparator being used to compare two persons in order to find the max person in an array.

Note that by overriding operator() our comparator objects can be invoked like a function.

Task 2 - Functors with Internal State

Your second task will now focus on predicates, a functor that returns true or false based on some statement.

To begin, finish the functor IsAgeN, which lets us check if a Person has a specific age. In order to accomplish this, the functor will need to have a custom constructor to specify what age it should check for and a private member variable to keep track of that age.

Next, complete print_if which uses a predicate to determine which parts of an array should be printed.

Finally, you will need to write print_people_with_age_n to print all the people of age n. You should do this by using the functor IsAgeN and the function print_if you just wrote.


Submit the required files to the autograder.