EECS 280 Tutorials

Setup Tutorial

Get your computer set up for C++ development and EECS 280 projects.

1. Command Line Tools
Windows Setup
Basic setup on Windows
macOS Setup
Basic setup on macOS
Command Line
Execute commands via shell
2. C++ Dev Environment
VS Code
Easy-to use editor for any OS
Feature-rich IDE for macOS
Visual Studio
Feature-rich IDE for Windows
3. C++ Compilation
Recipes for compiling and testing code
Coding + Debugging Tutorials

Best practices and additional tools for coding and debugging.

Unit Test Framework
A framework with special assertions for unit testing
Detect undefined behavior
Leak Checking
Detect memory leaks
Assertions Guide
Prevent bugs with assertions
Debugging Guide
Tips and tricks for debugging
Code Style
280 Style Guide
Learn best practices
AG Style Checks
Run the same style checks as the AG
Version Control
Git Tutorial
Track changes to your code like a pro
Advanced/Extra Tutorials

Additional editors and tools you might be interested in. Not required.

Text Editors
Highly customizable text editor, works from the command line
Command-Line Debuggers
Command-line debugger for Linux
Command-line debugger for macOS
CAEN Linux Environment
CAEN Linux
Remote connect to a UMich CoE Linux environment
Beyond EECS 280

Use the EECS 280 tutorials outside of EECS 280.

EECS 281 Setup
Project setup with these tutorials